10 Good Questions on Strategy

10 Good Questions on Strategy We all face external factors that change fast, frequently and unpredictably. Regardless of sector, work is intensely dynamic. Are your strategy development and related planning processes responsive enough? Re-tool and Refine Strategy marshals the resources and actions that enable an organization to secure intended results. Strategy is crucial to the […]

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Avoid Strategy Sabotage

Avoid Strategy Sabotage A primary challenge in strategy development is anticipating the future – correctly. It’s a tall order. Strategy creates value. It’s central to every organization and team. Determining the actions most likely to secure your intended results employs strategic planning. Creating strategy, for a program or entire organization, generally requires a series of […]

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Strategy 101: Make Great Choices

Strategy 101: Make Great Choices If Chicago is your destination…what’s the best route to get there? Part of the answer depends on where you are now and what resources you have. Creating great strategy requires a series of practical and coherent choices. If you have plenty of time, modest resources and like to travel by […]

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